Seven Types of Privacy: Kicking Off Series of Blogposts about Michael Friedewald’s Text

In the era of digital technologies unthinkable things for our ancestors are becoming the reality. There might be truly positive changes – new medications, new ways to learn, new possibilities to meet people etc. Enough of technooptimism, now let’s focus on the new threats to our privacy coming alongside with the innovations.

My short blogposts are going to draw on the text Seven Types of Privacy by Michael Friedewald. I would like to briefly comment on each of these types, think about the current and coming technologies that might be influencing it, and give my personal opinion on the subject.

#1 Privacy of Thoughts and Feelings

#2 Privacy of the Person

#3 Privacy of Data and Image

#4 Privacy of Behaviour and Action

#5 Privacy of Communication

#6 Privacy of association

#7 Privacy of Location and Space

I’ve put the types of privacy into an order trying to organise them from the inside of a person out there into the society and space. I made the diagram to visualise what is more close to us and what is further (where we have less and less control).


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