Concept: World’s Calling – Language Education & International Friendship

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I’d like to share an idea for an edtech project with the goal to support language learning (possibly history, geography & more) and international relationships. It could be called World’s Calling (it has a nice abbreviation :) )

1. stage “Foreign speaker – class connection”

An easy thing to imagine. There is a language speaker (possibly a teacher) and a class from a different country learning the language. Then we need a web app. The speaker inserts his schedule possibilities into the web app (with his other preferences), the class teacher shares through the app their schedule. The app will make the match. After the speaker and the class teacher agree on the online meeting the class is connected with the speaker via videocall. Students may be asking in the foreign language questions – about the other country, people, etc. They could be discovering the culture and practicing the language. Only the two connected computers through the internet and the wish to enrich the lessons are needed.

2. stage “Class – class connection”

More complicated – both classes of students need multiple PCs – but nice as there is a higher probability of making international friendships. Basically very similar to the first stage, but whole classes are getting connected. Both of the classes can be learning the same language (e.g. a French class learning English connected with Czech students learning English) – in that case less might be learnt concerning the quality of the language, but students could discover that even with imperfect skill they can be communicating.

It’s only an idea. Maybe someone has already created that. Or maybe it is not viable. Maybe you will take it and make something good out of it. What are your thoughts?


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